The AI Revolution Is Just Getting Started

As we all know, tech doyens and industry leaders released an open letter recently calling for a pause on the development of AI technologies such as ChatGPT. Notable leaders such as Elon Musk, along with Yoshua Bengio, a professor at the Université de Montréal considered a pioneer of modern AI, historian Yuval Noah Harari and Skype cofounder Jaan Tallinn collectively called on industry for a slowdown. 

At GreenSquareDC, we believe the first step should be ensuring the creation of a global generative AI footprint doesn’t bring with it huge environmental burden.

As Leslie Miley, technical advisor for the CTO at Microsoft, spoke about AI Bias and Sustainability, the march towards transformative technologies, like large-scale AI and even crypto, has an inherent cost in the increased CO2 that comes with deployment at scale.

Leslie went on to say that “HyperScale Data Centers might be a solution that:

Move Data Faster
Own Energy Sources
Are Eco Friendlier”

GreenSquareDC’s WA1 96MW Data Centre in Perth has some of the cheapest power availability per MWh in the world. We recently tested it against the top 8 global Data Centre markets and Perth was considerably cheaper than all of them.

GreenSquareDC is also developing our own 150MW wind/solar supply and/or can provide customers with certified green energy from local utilities at around 50% cheaper than comparable east Coast power pricing. This alone can save our customers around $55m per annum on their green power bill.

Our data halls are also designed to provide AI ready HPC workloads of 50kw per rack and beyond. Traditional Air-Cooled Data Centres simply can’t provide for the workloads that GPU based generative AI require. 

By implementing AI in the right way and taking steps to mitigate its impact on the environment, we can continue to leverage its power to create positive change.

However, a misstep at this early stage will lead to serious public and government backlash, as we’ve seen already in overdeveloped and unstainable data centre markets globally.

This is something we all need to avoid…