State planners approve plans for $600 million data centre on Abernethy Road in Belmont

A $600 million “top notch” GreenSquareDC data centre will be built in Belmont and is set to be the largest facility of it’s kind in WA.

Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment panel members unanimously agreed at a meeting on Monday to approve plans put forth by landowner Bulong Pty Ltd to build two warehouses and administration facilities at 37 Abernethy Road.

The 96MW data centre is designed to meet a growing demand for digital infrastructure and will deliver more than 68,000sqm of floor space across four levels.

GreenSquareDC corporate development director Peter Wolsey said the data centre would provide customers and enterprise consumers with a far more sustainable data storage platform than traditional data centres.

He said GreenSquareDC was “extremely excited and proud” to be launching its very first data centre development in Belmont.

“The demand for scalable and sustainable data centres across the Asia Pacific is projected to grow exponentially, with web-related services and global connectivity continuing to soar,” he said.

“This initial project is of significant scale in a sector of growing importance to the digital economy”.

The plans also include a power substation, water storage and generators.

Nearly 90 car parking bays are proposed for the site, as well as landscaping along the Abernethy Road, Barker Street and Brennan Way frontages.

“For a warehouse, it is top notch so this is something we should be encouraging,” deputy presiding member Rachel Chapman said.

Presiding member Clayton Higham said it was a very good building given it was a warehouse.

“It raises the bar in terms of how warehouses can be presented,” he said.

As part of conditions for its approval, the landowner must include at least $5 million worth of public art in the development and it must focus on quality outcomes rather than the installation of many public art pieces on site.

A report said the applicant Urbis, on behalf of the landowner, had planned for public art to be on the corner of Abernethy Road and Barker Street.

The plans were advertised for 14 days by the city but no submissions were received.

The site is situated between Perth’s CBD and the airport surrounded by commercial development including warehouses, showrooms, offices and education establishments.

“In the context of the locality, which is characterised by a mix of warehouses, showroom, offices and education-based land uses, the proposed data centre offers a valuable facility to enhance the Belmont Business Park’s function as a hub for commercial activities between the Perth Airport and Perth CBD,” the city’s design review panel wrote in a report.

The data centre will be constructed over two stages, and fitted out and delivered over a number of years.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 with completion of the first stage estimated for early to mid-2024.

facility in the city after acquiring Australian real estate developer Hickory’s data center projects. The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is also located in Perth.

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