A more sustainable hyperscale DataCentre solution.

The changing digital economy and increasing environmental responsibility is placing new demands on your business and your customers.

The transition to a net zero carbon industry requires a significant shift in the way Data Centre infrastructure is planned, designed and built.  Its virtually impossible for legacy Centres using traditional air cooling, diesel fossil fuels and grid energy power to become net zero or even remotely close.  Simply put, this means there are no major existing Data Centre operators on earth than can become true net zero, unless all existing Data Centres are stripped out, redesigned and re-built.  

Our Net Zero Carbon design approach sets out a pathway to embed best practice sustainable design principles into each unique customer outcome and a path to true net zero. We can guide you to help deliver a truly whole life net zero digital infrastructure outcome; or more simply embed sustainable principles and technology to help achieve energy and resource efficiencies in line with your individual commercial objectives. 

What is a net zero carbon data centre?

The path to a Net Zero Data Centre requires an all new, ground up approach, which GreenSquareDC can provide by virtue of having no legacy/inefficient data centres polluting the planet.  Every GreenSquareDC Data Centre will be a true ‘best in class’ environmental outcome utilising the following as a minimum:

Increase and measure energy efficiency

Data Centres must meet a higher standard of energy efficiency, demonstrated through aggressive power use effectiveness (PUE) targets. GreenSquareDC’s Data Centres target an annual PUE target of <1.1 for new data centres via new highly efficient cooling techniques and automated AI based operating systems.

Clean energy

All GreenSquareDC Data Centres will be powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

Water efficiency

Traditional Data Centres use a vast amount of water for computer cooling. Due to chemicals added to the water to enhance cooling, this water is unable to be re-used or harvested. GreenSquareDC will achieve a far better Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) score due to its advanced cooling technique which uses little to no water by comparison.

A circular economy

GreenSquareDC will apply circular economy practices to repair and recycle servers, ensuring operational lifespan of all components is maximized and transferred to alternative users wherever possible post removal from the data centre.

Circular energy system

GreenSquareDC will always explore possibilities to interconnect with district heating systems and other users of heat in a way that is practical, environmentally sound and cost effective.

Fossil Fuel Free

GreenSquareDC will remove all fossil fuel based Diesel from its operations and instead run with alternative fuel sources such as bio diesel (100% carbon free) and/or hydrogen fuel cells, once this technology is proven and safe for onsite storage.