Perth vs Major Global Data Centre Markets – Electricity Price Comparisons

Former WA Premier Mark McGowan was indeed correct to call all manufacturers struggling with surging energy pricing to consider Western Australia. 

It turns out, not only is WA domestically competitive, however its also globally competitive in terms of per MW power pricing. We had leading energy transition company Presync provide an independent report, benchmarking power pricing in Perth against the top 8 global data centre markets. 

The results are in and Perth WA, proudly home to GreenSquareDC’s WA1 96MW Data Centre, is by far the cheapest. This is fantastic news for those groups looking for highly resilient, extremely sustainable, AI enabled workloads with some of the lowest per MW power pricing on earth.   

Australian Federal Government’s 2022 Budget forecast that electricity prices in the Eastern States would jump by at least 50% over the next 2 years, with gas to spike more than 40% over the same period.  Western Australia on the other hand is the only State shielded from these massive increases, due to a very smart Govt mechanism introduced in 2006 which requires natural gas exporters to keep at least 15% of production for domestic use. To our knowledge the only other States or Territories that have a similar policy include Russia, Iran, Indonesia, and Qatar. All other areas are therefore susceptible to continued international volatility in energy markets.  

This combined with GreenSquareDC’s proposed 150MW wind and solar farm, providing PPA solutions to our customers, makes for a smart, sustainable and highly cost efficient solution.  

Its a big part of the reason why GreenSquareDC is establishing in Perth and why the West is very simply the best…