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WA1 – Perth, Western Australia

GreenSquare DC’s WA1 – Perth, Western Australia powers a combined 96MW of data centre infrastructure across two buildings.

Perth has carved out a strategic position regionally through its proximity to Southeast Asia, sharing common time zones and direct connections abroad through sub-sea cables. It is shaping as a rival to Australia’s East coast for offshore connection, given its low “latency” or faster connection to Singapore and now also the Middle East.

In light of this, GreenSquareDC secured this key strategic site located between the Perth CDB and Airport for a 96MW hyperscale ‘new age’ sustainable Data Centre.

Onsite collaboration space will be provided for further collaborative research & development, open to Universities, Researches and Travelling PHD’s.

GreenSquareDC is set to become the global partner of choice for environmentally conscious customers seeking safe, secure and sustainable digital infrastructure outcomes.

As such, a new age, sustainable GreenSquareDC Data Centre is coming to market near you soon.

Western Australia’s potential as a hub for data centre operations is highlighted in a new Prospectus, provided to global industry and investors by the State Government.

View the Prospectus here

View the WA1 Overview here

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