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WAi1 – Perth, Western Australia

GreenSquare DC’s WAi1 – Perth, Western Australia powers a combined 96MW of data centre infrastructure across two buildings.

Perth has carved out a strategic position regionally through its proximity to Southeast Asia, sharing common time zones and direct connections abroad through sub-sea cables. It is shaping as a rival to Australia’s East coast for offshore connection, given its low “latency” or faster connection to Singapore and now also the Middle East.

In light of this, GreenSquareDC secured this key strategic site located between the Perth CDB and Airport for a 96MW hyperscale ‘new age’ sustainable Data Centre.

Onsite collaboration space will be provided for further collaborative research & development, open to Universities, Researches and Travelling PHD’s.

GreenSquareDC is set to become the global partner of choice for environmentally conscious customers seeking safe, secure and sustainable digital infrastructure outcomes.

As such, a new age, sustainable GreenSquareDC Data Centre is coming to market near you soon.

Western Australia’s potential as a hub for data centre operations is highlighted in a new Prospectus, provided to global industry and investors by the State Government.

View the Prospectus here

View the WAi1 Overview here

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Designed to comply with government security accreditation

Why WAi1?

WA is a future clean, green Digital Infrastructure powerhouse. WAi1 will capitalise on its full potential.

Power Pricing & AI

As at 1 Mar 23, there is a circa $55m pa saving by operating a 96MW Data Centre in Perth rather than Sydney, using fully loaded certified green energy.

Industry experts predict widespread adoption of AI will accelerate the decentralisation of data centre markets, driving development in new locations with lower power costs and higher rates of renewable energy.


WA’s international submarine cables, including the recently launched Oman Australia Cable, make WA as well connected to the major digital global economies of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe as anywhere on earth.

WA is Asia’s gateway to the nation and Perth is Australia’s western capital and Indian Ocean window to the world, sharing a similar time zone with 60% of the world’s population, including China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.


Western Australia has arguably the most renewable energy reserves of anywhere on earth. The State has only 36% coal generation in its grid compared to 59% on the East coast with a 100% renewable energy by 2030.

GreenSquareDC is planning a +150MW hybrid wind and solar farm covering over 3,100ha in regional WA to support WAi1 and these should come online around the same time.

WAi1 Site Advantages

Location: 37-39 Abernethy Road, Belmont, strategically located between the Perth CBD and Airport.

  • Ideal Day 1 / Day 2 format: being subdivided to provide 2 x 48WM sites.
  • Hyperscale ready: circa 40,000m² site is approved for 96 MW across two freestanding buildings.
  • Power available: multiple layered power contingency systems predicts a power resiliency factor supported by probability analytics in excess of 99.9999 for the dual feeder system alone & 99.999999 for the overall system.
  • Power Pricing: 100% green certified energy is 54% cheaper in Perth than Sydney, representing a circa $55m annual saving passed through to customers at 96MW as at 1 March 2023.
  • Western Australia has some of the cheapest per MW power on earth.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese launched the Oman-Australia subsea cable stating, “it will make Perth a critical data hub for the country — ensuring Australian businesses & industry share data quickly and securely to global markets”.


There is scope within the building design to accommodate both turnkey and powered-shell.

This flexibility coupled with immediate power, its large scale and sustainability benefits will help ensure long term success.


WAi1 will be the only AI ready Data Centre in the region. Being 96MW with very strong green credentials is a key point of difference.

All local operators provide standard data centres, with no notable sustainability features of any real merit.


The next largest data centre in Perth, NextDC at 20MW, is not large enough for the type of scale most cloud/hyperscale customers demand, nor is it AI ready.

AI will change how and where Data Centres are built

Data centres are crucial in the generative AI revolution.

  • AI platforms like ChatGPT require significantly more powerful GPU processors than traditional data centres provide.
  • The growing demand for computing power leads to an increase in data centres, further exacerbating power and water consumption and sustainability issues.
  • Legacy air-cooled data centres are not suitable for accommodating the GPU servers required for AI workloads.
  • GreenSquareDC’s 96MW WAi1 DC is AI-ready and highly sustainable.
  • WAi1 offers “Ultimate Flexibility” data halls, allowing customers to deploy in air-cooled, direct-to-chip, or immersion cooling environments.
  • Customers can scale their workloads from standard 5kw to 10kw racks up to 100kw and beyond, perfect for HPC AI workloads.
  • Choosing Perth over Sydney for data centre operations at WAi1 can result in up to $55m in savings on certified green power, based on WAi1’s total capacity of 96MW, as at 1 Mar 23.

  • Western Australia offers the cheapest power availability per MWh among major global data centre markets, making it an ideal location for AI training, processing, and storage.
  • The widespread adoption of AI will lead to the decentralisation of data centre markets, driving development in new locations with lower power costs and higher rates of renewable energy.
  • AI has the potential to increase global GDP by up to 14% in 2030, equivalent to $15.7 trillion USD, according to PwC.
  • WAi1 in Perth sources 100% renewable energy and uses lower emission HVO Fuel for backup generators. It aims to be the first ‘water positive’ Data Centre in APAC, incorporating Aquifer Free Cooling (AFC) technology pioneered by CSIRO.
  • WAi1 aims to provide up to 30MW of low-emission, waterless cooling through AFC.
  • Customers can benefit from the most sustainable and cost-effective computing power at WAi1, enabling them to leverage the AI opportunity without compromising environmental sustainability.