A more sustainable hyperscale DataCentre solution.

GreenSquareDC’s data centre solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of our strategic cloud and content providers customers as well as large enterprises. We build highly power and water efficient, scalable and reliable new age Data Centres which enable smart customers to reach their sustainability goals faster and with greater confidence and accountability.


Provide network services with speed and security across an interconnected ecosystem with an optimized data centre.

Digital Media

Directly and securely interconnect clouds, networks, and ecosystems to meet the demands of your customers anywhere.


Provide more personalized and convenient healthcare experiences with secure, interconnected, data centre solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Ensure that your IT team can support today’s demand and tomorrow’s innovation with AI-ready centers of data exchange.


Meet your consumers evolving demands with a low-latency mobile experience, whilst delivering robust and flexible connectivity options.


Accelerate your data-driven digital transformation to optimise data exchange and stay ahead of the competition.


Stay closer to your users with our network of strategically located data centres Across five continent.


Deliver an improved, consistent customer experience with a data centre optimized for cloud industries.

Financial Services

Harness the power of interconnected clouds and low-latency environments directly connected to global networks and ecosystems.

We custom engineer digital solution platforms across all industries globally.