GreenSquareDC’s ~150Mw Wind & Solar Farm Set To Provide 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy For Wai1

In yet another visionary move, GreenSquareDC has taken a further step towards a greener AI digital infrastructure future for WAi1 customers via securing a long-term ground lease agreement over a vast 3,100ha at East Hyden, WA. 

Known as being both very windy and very sunny, our East Hyden land, now secured, benefits from existing 132KV lines traversing the site, onsite substation and all the other requisite physical and natural ingredients necessary for a successful large scale renewable energy play to support WAi1. 

Synergy’s recently approved Kings Rock 150MW wind and solar farm is located only 30kw away with many of the same features, including a similar land size, same 132KV lines, same road network etc.   

Why is this significant? With Generative AI (GAI) demand booming, the requirement for power is skyrocketing. Traditional data centres, relying on grid energy, contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. Our transition to renewable energy is set to remove approx. 700,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere annually at WAi1 alone.    

When I first proposed this transaction, some “industry experts” were cautious, to say the least. I firmly believe that approaching the end of this decade, when we’re a) transitioning to 100% ‘variable’ renewables (always remember the ‘variable’ part), and b) data centres are consuming anywhere between 10% and 30% of total grid capacity – any data centre operator not providing their own renewables are likely to be at major risk. Innovative international DC operators such as Switch have been providing their own 100% renewable energy for some time. It’s the safe, smart and responsible bet.    

A big shoutout to Urbis, our trusted advisory partner, for their invaluable insights, direction and expertise. Their guidance and joint commitment to sustainability and urban innovation aligns perfectly with our vision and we certainly could not have done this transaction without their expert advisory services.

A Call to Action: The future of AI is not just about innovation but responsible innovation. As AI’s power demands surge, it’s crucial we address its environmental impact head-on. 

Many AI ‘experts’ seem to have little comprehension of the grassroots environmental issue that large scale GAI and LLM’s pose. Traditional data centres already have a huge environmental footprint. Imagine what a 5x to 10x increase in power and overall demand will do to this? GAI will in time no doubt help solve many environmental issues, however unless serious action is taken now at the data centre level, where all GAI comes from, GAI will have a way bigger burden than benefit in its evolution.   

We can’t do this alone, so please join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and responsible AI future…