Experienced leadership team announced for GreenSquareDC

GreenSquareDC’s leadership team of Australian data experts are bringing sustainability to the forefront of data centre infrastructure and operations, helping customers embed sustainability into their IT supply chain to meet growing customer and stakeholder expectations. 

With a combined experience of 100 years in the digital infrastructure and technology space, GreenSquareDC’s leadership team have been at the forefront of data centre optimisation, blending the requisite resiliency and reliability of operations with best-in-class sustainable design.  

According to a recent Gartner survey, 87% of business leaders expect to increase their organisation’s sustainability investment over the next two years. Decarbonisation is a global social, environmental, and economic imperative, and companies have a responsibility to invest and act on sustainability issues. 

GreenSquareDC is committed to being on the frontier of data centre sustainability solutions. GreenSquareDC’s “5 Pillars to Sustainability” provides customers with a framework of how to get there, even if it’s incremental and built on over time.   

The focus of the leadership team is to incorporate solutions and strategies that contribute to and align with the sustainability goals of our major customer groups.  High-profile examples of which include AWS committing to be water positive by 2030, Google’s goal of becoming carbon-free by 2030 and Microsoft’s aim to be carbon-negative and water-positive by 2030, as well as eliminating its dependence on diesel fuel for backup power by 2030.  GreenSquareDC’s “5 Pillars to Sustainability” enables a clear transition to net zero and features 100% renewable energy, fossil fuel free back up generation, alternative cooling with significant reduced carbon footprint and wastewater-free cooling and operating systems.  

The most efficient way to build a truly sustainable business is after all, from the ground up.  GreenSquareDC is not tied down with legacy assets, legacy investments, and legacy engineering solutions, which are often at odds with customers new ESG needs and requirements.

GreenSquareDC’s Head of Project Management & Delivery, Terry Hendricks, said: “I am extremely excited to be working with the GreenSquareDC team. We’ve gathered experts from around Australia, who bring decades of insights and are highly motivated to develop sustainable and resilient solutions to meet our key customer needs. Not only does Western Australia benefit from some of the cheapest energy pricing in the entire OECD, it also has more renewable energy projects than virtually anywhere else on earth, and is extremely well connected with low latency via multiple subsea cables into the 4.1 billion eyeballs that make up the Asia Pacific region. We are therefore extremely bullish on our GreenSquareDC 96MW Perth project as it will be the greenest in Australia, and we look forward to partnering with environmentally conscious customers and service providers.”

GreenSquareDC’s leadership team is as follows:

  • Walt Coulston, Founder & CEO
  • Stephen Phillips, Chief Technology Officer
  • Peter Wolsey, Head of Corporate, Sales & Marketing
  • Dennis Grech, External Building Services Engineer
  • Terry Henricks, Head of Project Management & Delivery
  • Aaron Lawrence, Senior Project Manager