Elevating Perth: The Future Global Epicentre for AI Digital Infrastructure

We’re pleased to share GreenSquareDC‘s latest white paper: “Elevating Perth: The Future Global Epicentre for AI Digital Infrastructure”.

This white paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the key factors that establish Western Australia (WA) as an ideal location for the deployment of digital infrastructure to support generative and large language AI model deployment. 

Even if this is only for domestic/enterprise enterprises developing their own model, or creating proprietary applications that are LLM-agnostic – Tech Council of Australia (TCA) and Microsoft’s recent report, “Australia’s Generative AI Opportunity,” highlights the potential of generative AI to contribute as much as $115 billion a year to Australia’s economy by 2030.

A key takeaway is drawn from the well-researched article “ChatGPT Is Just The Start: AI Is Rewriting The Data Centre Real Estate Map” by Bisnow which notes: 

“Among the Data Centre experts, there was a consensus: widespread adoption of AI will accelerate the decentralisation of the Data Centre landscape, driving development in new markets and away from the industry’s traditional hubs like Silicon Valley.

One significant factor is the massive power requirements for AI computing. Rising energy costs and shortages of power in the industry’s traditional hubs are already driving Data Centres into new territories, with developers increasingly prioritising locations where they have access to cheap and ideally renewable electricity. AI may well accelerate this trend as its adoption increases how much power each facility needs. 

At the same time, experts say driving down the price of compute for AI through lower power costs is imperative if AI applications are going to be financially viable. At present, the enormous cost to access needed computing power through the cloud or from a Data Centre directly is broadly prohibitive”. 

This white paper delves into WA’s strategic geographic location, globally competitive power pricing, abundant renewable energy potential, robust data privacy regulations, skilled workforce, research collaborations, market size, and the potential for next-generation Data Centres. By incorporating supporting evidence and references, this paper demonstrates why WA offers an exceptional environment for highly efficient, ethical, and sustainable AI digital infrastructure.

The paper also highlights the serious concerns about the environmental and social cost of generative and Large Language (LL) AI model training, processing, and storage. The increased server and cooling cost to deploy generative AI workloads as well as the increased power needs to be driven down if AI is going to be financially and ethically viable.

The white paper is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of AI and sustainable digital infrastructure…