A more sustainable hyperscale & GPUaaS Cloud DataCentre solution.

GreenSquareDC™ provides highly sustainable, affordable and scalable hyperscale and GPUaaS Data Centre cloud solutions for customers driving innovation with new technologies, whilst tackling climate change and meeting corporate responsibility needs.

Most organisations aim to have net-zero emissions by the year 2050 and many Governments have aggressive shorter-term emissions targets. This will of course require a total re-design of their data center strategy in terms of enhanced energy & water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

At the heart of the argument is that data centres presently use over 2% of the world’s total electricity supply. If left unchecked, this could expand to 13% over the next decade. What’s more, in traditional Data Centres, up to 40% of that power consumption is not used for actual computing, but for air cooling infrastructure. As processor power densities continue to increase, servers are now beyond what air cooling systems can do.

With generation after generation of processing chips growing ever faster and therefore hotter, and with datacenters increasingly under pressure to reduce their impact on the environment, more advanced cooling technologies than air are required. 

GreenSquareDC offers innovative, sustainable, and adaptive new age hyperscale Data Centre solutions for environmentally conscious global and regional customers.  By reducing the energy, water and space required to operate our data centres, GreenSquareDC’s advanced hybrid cooling technology offers businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability, and bottom-line returns.

By reducing the energy, water and space required to operate our data centres, GreenSquareDC’s advanced hybrid cooling technology offers a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability, and bottom-line returns.

Data centres use 2% of the world’s electricity0%

This could expand to 13% over the next decade0%

40% of that power is used for air cooling infrastructure0%

Talk to us today to discuss how we can help set your organisation on the path towards us all achieving net zero by 2050 or ideally sooner.

GreenSquareDC has been established to provide a more sustainable global hyperscale DataCentre solution with a core focus on ESG and vastly improved environmental outcomes.

GreenSquareDC and our partners will continually drive technology to pioneer the first true net zero hyperscale DataCentre solution provider.

GreenSquareDC will become the ‘go to’ hyperscale DataCentre provider for all cloud, content, government & large enterprise customers who take their ESG and sustainability commitments seriously, such as a firm commitment to true net zero.

GreenSquareDC will not engage with customers or clients which we consider to be of low sustainability, environmental, and/or ethically moral standing.

Let's discuss how we can help your organisation achieve net zero by 2050.

GreenSquareDC will report its performance on a Triple Bottom Line (or 3PL) basis. This in short means our overall performance is measured against its impact and ongoing benefit to 1. People, 2. Planet and finally, 3. Profit.

Examples of businesses that use the Triple Bottom Line include Patagonia, IKEA & Lego. We are not aware of any other hyperscale data centre operator who reports its performance on this basis.

GreenSquareDC has a day one commitment to obtain 100% of our DataCentres power from renewable energy sources, such as on and offshore wind, solar, battery and/or hydrogen fuel cell technology. Relying on 100% renewable energy is not only smart and sustainable, but it also greatly reduces downstream water compared to Data Centres still reliant on the coal powered grid energy (noting only 10% of global power generation came from wind and solar in 2021). Solar and wind power, for example, use approximately 10 litres of water per megawatt hour (L/MWh) compared to 1,254 L/MWh for average coal powered energy generation. This means coal powered grid energy uses approx. 120 times the water to generate the same amount of electricity as solar and/or wind.

GreenSquareDC is committed to remove fossil fuel-based diesel as its back up generator fuel. Alternatives such as bio-diesel (which has a zero-carbon footprint) and/or hydrogen fuel cells will be used instead. By way of example, a 96MW Data Centre such as our Perth DC done the traditional way necessitates around 40 back up standby generators, requiring around 1,500,000 litres of diesel at any one time.

It’s only with a true structural change will we decarbonise and reach our net zero 2050 goals. Fossil Fuels such as diesel and coal are from the Industrial Revolution, over 150 years ago. This is the Environmental Revolution and it’s a time for change.

GreenSquareDC intends to play a significant role in helping our customers meet all their digital infrastructure and sustainability goals.


Reduce refers to reducing the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) released into the atmosphere. In order to stabilize C02 global emissions need to decline by 60% by 2050.


Remove refers to the removal of GHGs that already exist in our atmosphere. We refer to this as a legacy CO2 or legacy load. Even if we were to stop emitting GHGs today this load would continue to warm our planet for decades if not centuries.


Protect refers to protecting both land and sea. Key locations around the world are estimated to hold up 139 billion tones of carbon. To stabilise climate change it is estimated that 30% of land needs to be protected by 2030.

GreenSquareDC: the only hyperscale Data Centre provider capable of helping you achieve your true Net Zero goals. If this is important to you or your organisation, we’re here to help create that pathway right now.

Meet the team: Finding the right partner to help plan and implement your pathway through the digital economy is increasingly important.

Come and discuss how our team can meet all your security, reliability and sustainability needs and leverage off our combined more than 100 years’ experience in the commercial and digital infrastructure space.


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